UCP Pakistan offers a variety of network services (Switching, Routing, UTP Copper, Fiber Optics, Voice & Data Networks). Our services range from the initial installation and the final termination of all types of cable needs to the final acceptance testing of the cabling. Along with these services comes our commitment to provide the highest quality product available in the market, backed by our 1-year service warranty.

Network Planning & Design Services deliver value by designing the most economical multi-vendor network with the highest Quality of Service to support current and future service, technology, and capacity requirements. A well-planned network maximizes profits by minimizing capital expenditures and reducing operational costs, while providing the high Quality of Service required in order to be successful.

Network Planning & Design Services: Access Network Planning & Design performs network architecture modeling for your VoIP for Cable and broadband access networks based on an analysis of your market, technical and service requirements.

Data Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of high-speed Ethernet networks or a hybrid network of multiple technologies.

Optical Network Planning & Design plans and designs your optical transport networks in both core (long haul) and metro environments.

Wireless Network Planning & Design provides planning and design of your Wireless Local Area