Specializing in all types of fiber optic splicing and termination techniques, in both multimode and singlemode applications, UCP Pakistan can provide the following services:

Single Fiber Splicing

UCP Pakistan utilizes the latest in fusion splicing machines. Upon customer request or preference, we can splice with Furukawa Fitel. We provide full range of splicing services, OFDF, Patch Cord Pigtail.

No matter what your application or circumstance, UCP Pakistan will work with you to help you be successful.


Specialized In Testing

In addition to any standard testing, UCP Pakistan is Official Partner of AMP Netconnect for Testing & Certification of Copper & Fiber we offers specialized testing to any customer requiring such testing. We will assist our customers in determining whether the existing, new, or upgraded optical network meets the needs of some of today's newer transmission systems. This will be accomplished through a series of tests known as "Fiber Characterization."

Fiber Testing Module for single & multimode cables.
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing

In order to ensure your optical spans meet the requirements of your equipment and to ensure all termination services are within the industry standard, we will perform the following OTDR tests:

Level – III & IV Testing meter for Cat-6, Cat-7 & Single & Multimode Fiber
Final Acceptance testing of all fibers installed by others. We will perform dual wavelength and bi-directional testing on fibers installed by third parties to ensure our clients have received a good fiber system.