Testing Equipments
Ideal Testing Equipment  
High-performance LANTEK 7G/6A/6

  • sweeps up to 1GHz and supports testing requirements up to CAT6/6a/7/ISO-F and beyond.

  • Level IV / IIIe / III Accuracy

  • independently verified by ETL for baseline, channel and permanent link.

  • DUAL-mode Testing to Save Time-

  • reports channel and permanent link test results simultaneously.

  • Test with Patch cords to Save Money -

  • performs CAT6/6a/5e/ISO-D/Ea testing with standard patch cords to achieve

  • the lowest cost of ownership.

  • Largest Internal/External Memory Capacity-

  • makes record management easy.

  • Convenient FIBERTEKT Accessory-

  • simultaneously tests two fibers for attenuation and length.

  • Innovative TRACETEKT Accessory-

  • performs advanced fiber fault location and troubleshooting functions.