UCP Pakistan offers a comprehensive 1, 3, or 5-day fiber optic training via certified instructors. The course, depending on duration, covers theory, design, construction, splicing, testing & troubleshooting, general field practices, and many more aspects of fiber optics components. With real world scenarios such as splicing, connectorization, testing & troubleshooting, cable prep and identification, we can assist you in becoming a fully certified Fiber Optics Installer. We are also AMP Certified Training Partner & ATI Certified Lab Training Partner, enhancing the ETA certification.

Certification Individual Benefits

  • Proof of professional achievement
  • Better job opportunities
  • A viable career path in Network Industry

Foundational knowledge for additional certifications

Certification Corporate Benefits

  • Expand your existing network capabilities
  • Implement network security & management
  • Enhanced credibility and a respected credential
Better understanding with future expansion of LAN/WAN